Sunday, May 1, 2011

I have boxes of Good Intentions stuffed under my bed

I decided today instead of adding to that box I will simply tell about today!
Today is May 1, 2011 and it was been a splendid way to start May :)

The Breakdown!
Last night I was skyping with my good friend Bronson who lives back in Az and I enjoyed our conversation! I'm including it in this post because the conversation carried on past 12a.m.
Also, I wanted to mention a new artists that I love thanks to his knowledge!

Jonsi is the artist and I love his music so far. B T DUBS he's Icelandic!

When I woke up this morning I was excited to get ready for church. I put on my new dress, tried out some new makeup, all of which compliment my new hair!
(I got my hair done yesterday! Platinum blond with bits of Red and I love it!)

My lovely friend Ashley Wright is in town touring Europe with her BYU Idaho group and they are currently in London! In fact, they came to my ward today and it was such an awesome experience to visit with my dear Ashley in London! Ashley is definitely one of my best friends!
Throughout life we have never been at the same school and there's always been a lot going on, where as most people would grow distant, but every time Ashley and I have an opportunity to come together we can not stop laughing!

I forgot it was fast Sunday, but I bore my testimony today :)

After church I talked to my delightful friend, Katie Lomax, and we calendared all of the fun weekend stuff we have coming up in May! Here in the UK they call their planners their diary. I found this to be ironic because in the states you don't want others to read your diary, where as here, in this context, they willingly share its content with you.
Kate and I rode the tube back together as we got caught back up on each others lives! It was lovely to converse with her. Later when we were leaving the station two guys complimented my hair! It totally made my day =)
This is a picture of Katie and I, at St. James Park, that always makes me smile.

Looking Ahead!
The rest of May consists of:
Week 1
temple trip with friends and ward talent show
Week 2
Getting all my school assignments turned in and going to Alton Towers to ride roller coasters!
Week 3
Day Trip to Belgium! Bring on the Chocolate =D
Week 4
Boots Birthday! & Any last hoorahs.
It's going to get quite busy. It'll be interesting to try to find the balance between school, friends, church, etc.  I know it just started but I can already feel the rush.
May is the big month because it is my last full month here. I fly home Saturday June 4th.

I'm really sad about having to say goodbye to London. However, I knew I'd have to say good bye eventually and I am pleased with what I have made of this experience. I am satisfied closing this chapter on the incredible high it has obtained.  This month will be celebratory to all that I've seen, done, and became.  Living in London for 9 months was the greatest life experience I could ever ask for.
When I return home to the USA I'll work in the dental office in the summer and return to Flagstaff in the fall where I will complete the Fall semester.  I am definitely looking forward to the experiences that await me there as I share an apartment with one of my best friends, Olivia <3 Not to mention have the opportunity to spend a ton of my time with my twins Kila and Kiniki! (I forgot the exact Hawaiian spelling...but they'll get the idea) I love them both soooo very much! I have been blessed with extraordinary friends in my life. All of which are strong, beautiful, daughters of God who have so much potential!
This October (the 29th to be exact) I turn 21! I am indeed looking forward to my birthday, but what's more is I'm looking forward to serving a mission!!! I'm going to turn in my papers and hope to go in the start of the new year :) I have such a strong desire and passion to serve the Lord with all my heart, mind, and strength as I dedicate my time to his work. It will definitely be a character building opportunities! Plus, I just love talking to people.  I look forward to the growth and understanding I'll achieve about the gospel through my efforts and desire to teach it to others.  I've already grown so much in my testimony here, and I know that will be the case of my mission. Furthermore, I will gladly go where ever the Lord calls me...but if I can put in a disclaimer... I think it would be a tremendous opportunity to serve in Sweden! My Dad's heritage is Swedish and I made a trip to Stolkholm with some friends over Valentine's Day Weekend and it was such a beautiful place.  But if this indicates any possibilities-I visited the Sweden temple at night and besides being absolutely gorgeous with the snow radiating the purity of the building, but I felt the spirit so strong there on the grounds.  It was that experience that got me thinking about how cool it would be to serve a mission in Sweden.

I've realized it is really difficult to live in another country for close to a year as far as clothes, art materials, and various possessions are involved. Needless to say, I just sent two big suitcases home with my parents full of my crap! (Important Crap). Now it's up to me to figure how to get the rest home =P I think I should be able to accomplish such a task between 2-3 suit cases hahah.

Making up for lost times!
Saturday April 9th I went to Portobello Rd. Market with Boots, Kate, and Cec! (Lesley met up with us) and it was
awesome because of the company I was with :) But in addition to that I achieved everything I set out to
do that day! Such things consisted of
-Chinese Fan
hahah that was everything I was looking for. It was a very successful day if you ask me.
Not only that, we heard a really cool band playing live in the streets when we were walking through Notting Hill to get to the Market.  They're called the The Ryan O'Reilly Band.  They were selling a four song cd for five
GBP. Katie and I split the price and got a cd =) I love it! I like all of the songs but The Morning and November are my favorites.
Not only do I love all of these purchases, they have been very practical since London has been quite sunny! My last pair of sun glasses broke in my suitcase when I was moving back to London in January.   It wasn't until now I needed to be bothered to get a new pair. Usually it's overcast and I don't have to worry about it.
   The fan has got some good use out of it because of how "hot" I think it's been. When my mom and dad were visiting it became especially usefully on our overwhelmingly crowded trip to Tower of London.  Later that day I also used it to keep my Dad sane on the humid, congested underground.

Speaking of my parents being in town! That brings my to the most recent thing, my Easter Holiday!
Most of the pictures are on my Mom's computer and I'm waiting for her to send them to me.

This is at Westminster Abbey before we left to go to the London Temple! 

This was one of the happiest days of my life. I wish I could spend every day with my parents at the temple doing temple work <3 Plus they are incredible people!

Look I actually go to school!
This was me about two weeks ago when I was casting my head mold with cement fondue. 
Safety first!
Each half of the head

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